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ØVERZINE, an online archive of self-published products


ØVERZINE is an online archive of self-published products. It’s a tribute to all of these masterpieces that deserve to be remembered despite their ephemeral nature.


Their group of graphic designers and illustrators has developed a need to find a way to preserve products which they consider valuable (from fanzines to printed posters, etc.) yet hard to find or at the risk of extinction. This will be done by safeguarding copyrights and promoting every artist’s identity.


They’d like to allow people who appreciate this unique world to receive more complete information while having the possibility to explore the artist’s work.

Their aim is to become a landmark for both to publishers and fans.


They have many goals: from archiving products to becoming a constantly updated debate area, as well as an exchange of contents inside this fragmented reality—all of this while providing more visibility of author’s and publisher’s work, as well as related


They are seeking point of views, negotiations or agreements, and collaborations, because none of this would be possible without your help.




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A project by Paola Bombelli , Niccolò Lobo Carnerio, Davide Trap, Alexa Sonsino

Printing: Tipografia Reali

Binding: Legatoria Borghi