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MASH magazine by Collagerie & Sean Purdy


MASH is a new collage magazine based in Norwich, created to unite an international collage community.


MASH is a collaboration between the organisers of long-running collage exhibition ‘Collagerie’ and now-defunct Arts magazine ‘White Paint’. It is a collage magazine that will run alongside this years Collagerie 2014; an open submission collage exhibition that will be held in Norwich this September.



The magazine will be distributed primarily throughout the local community, raising the awareness of both traditional and contemporary collage practice and featuring a wide range of international collage artists. With this magazine we aim to strengthen the local collage community and simultaneously connect collage artists on an international scale. We want to give something back to the followers of Collagerie and further encourage this valuable method of expression.

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Over the past few years the ‘Collagerie’ exhibitions and facebook page have seen a group of collaborators come together through their mutual appreciation of the medium; MASH is the next step in the creation of a collaborative collage community.

Graphic design by Sean Purdy  that is also involved in another printed project called White Paint Magazine: